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Problem Statement



  • Ansible installed in OS.
  • Dynamic Inventory configured.
  • AWS CLI configured.

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Problem Statement:

  • Create your own Chat Servers, and establish a network to transfer data using Socket Programing by creating both Server and Client machine as Sender and Receiver both. Do this program using UDP data transfer protocol.
  • Use multi-threading concept to get and receive data parallelly from both the Server Sides. Observe the challenges that you face to achieve this using UDP.

Python Code:

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  • Ansible Installed
  • Inventory Configured
  • AWS CLIv2 installed and Configured

Step-1)Configuring Dynamic inventory

  • Here I am using dynamic inventory because we have to configure minikube in ec2 instance.
  • For the dynamic inventory, download and ec2.ini from this given URL, and paste in the inventory folder:
  • Now add this path in ansible.cfg
  • After that, you also need to copy the key.pem for the ec2 instance launch.
  • After copying your key, make it executable by the following command:
chmod 600 Key_Name.pem

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  • 3 VM(Virtual Machine).


Step-1)Delete all the rules from all the Systems:

route del -net gw netmask enp0s3(NIC Card)

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Prerequisite :

  • Ansible installed.
  • Inventory configured.

Step-1)Retreive the distro.

  • First, we need to retrieve the distribution from ansible facts after use it.
  • After we retrieve the distro, now we need to make the files respective to the distro, like — RedHat-8.yml, Ubuntu-16.yml, etc.

Step-2)Writing Playbook

  • First, we need to make the playbook for the distro.

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What is Kubernetes(k8s)?

Why K8s?

✅ Automated rollouts and rollbacks

✅ Self-healing

✅Horizontal scaling

✅ Service discovery and load balancing

Prerequisite :

Step-1)Launch ec2 instance

  • First, select your region.
  • Goto Service > EC2 > launch Ec2 instance.
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  • Select Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

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Prerequisite :


Step-1)Make one Docker image, add user, configure the password, and enable ssh

  • To make it simple I am using Dockerfile.
FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt update && apt install openssh-server sudo -y
RUN useradd -rm -d /home/ubuntu -s /bin/bash -g root -G sudo -u 1000 test
RUN echo "test:test"| chpasswd
RUN service ssh start
RUN echo "test ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" >> /etc/sudoers
CMD ["/usr/sbin/sshd","-D"]
  • Here I am using ubuntu:latest
  • For changing the pass of the user use…

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Prerequisite 😩

Solution 🔥

Step-1)Check how many Rules are there

route -n

Prerequisite 🔥

  • Docker installed.

Step-1)Create one Dockerfile

  • Install python and some basic tools.
FROM centos
RUN dnf install python36 -y
RUN dnf install net-tools vim which -y
  • Build Dockerfile
docker build -t IMAGE_NAME .

Step-2)Run above the docker container.

docker run -it --name NAME_OF_CONTAINER IMAGE_NAME


  • Running the python code.
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Python Code

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